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A new invasive species has been sighted in Savannah, GA. At this time only one specimen has been identified. UGA, GA Beekeepers Association, and the GA department of Agriculture are asking anyone who may have spotted this bee eating wasp to PLEASE report sightings as soon as possible. When reporting please include the following: where it was found, what time of day, the date, pictures if possible, and number of wasps seen. Please help us protect our honey bees.

Here is the link for more information.

Here is the link for reporting sightings to GDA.


This year it is with sadness that we learned the Young Harris Institute will be shutting down for various reasons but the Georgia Beekeepers Association will be taking over where young harris left off we are eagerly awaiting their schedule of events to see what classes we will be attending.


We are back at smileys flea market every weekend weather permitting, come back and see us for all your honey needs.


Join us at Bleckley county High School Beta club bazaar. the bazaar is scheduled for may 6th. Also mothers day is coming up shortly and we have gift baskets for sale for all the major holidays.


New Verroha Mite Vaccine

We just learned about a new vaccine for varroa mites that we are hoping will eradicate this pest from our beehives. This is truly exciting research. This is the research we have been following from the Smithsonian institute please follow the provided link for more information.

Smithsonian article


It's Already Spring for the bees.

Are you a beekeeper in middle GA? Have you been watching the weather? It looks like an early spring this year. Time to bring in the sugar water and put out the honey supers and protein supplements. Did you get your varroa treatments done? Don't forget the beetle traps. Have you done your hive checks? If not feel free to use our complimentary hive check checklists in pdf form courtesy of Mann Lake Ltd.  

Beekeeper at Work

Honey Badger Apiaries Returns to the Jubilee Renaissance Festival April 2024.

Come out to the Jubilee Renaissance Festival in Robertsdale Alabama and visit our booth. Pet a live honey bee and learn a little about 15th century beekeeping. Ever wonder what a medieval beesuit looked like? Come try one one. Don't forget your honey straws while you watch the full contact joust. 

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