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Honey Bees are some of nature's most amazing creatures and sadly they are often misunderstood. Honey Badger Apiaries makes educating the public about honey bees and pollinators a priority. We love talking about our bees and products so let us take a moment to answer some of the most common questions we encounter at trade shows and fairs. 

Q: How far will bees chase me?

Q: Is honey a suitable substitute for sugar in a diabetic diet?

Q: What is the first aid for bee stings?

Q: What do I do if my honey crystalizes?

Q: What plants should I plant to help pollinators?

Q: What exactly is a murder hornet?

Q: Is honey comb edible?

Q: What is killing the bees?

Q: How long will honey keep?

Q: How do I kill bees in my home?

Q: Do you remove bees from my property?

Q: Are bees endangered?

Q: What is the difference between a bee and a wasp?

Q: Can I substitute honey for sugar in recipes?

Q: What is Meade?

what is an Apiary?

Q: What is an Apiary?

A: An apiary from the Latin Apis meaning a honey producing insect is the area utilized for the maintenance and care of Honey Bees.

Haow may bees do you have?

Q: How many bees do you have?

A: It is difficult to answer this question straight forward. A healthy queen can lay 3,000+ eggs per day and adult worker bees emerge 21 days later. The average healthy hive can range from 20,000 to over 100,000 individual bees. For this reason beekeepers often answer this question by stating how many colonies they have. We currently house 9 hives at our Macon farm.

Dont's drones do all the work in the hive?

Q: Don't drones do all the work in the hive?

A: No, drones are fertile males whose only role in the colony are to fertilize queens from other colonies.

drone vs worker.png
Is your honey local?

Q: Is your honey local?

A: Our farm is located in southeast Macon in Twiggs county. Making our honey local for anyone who lives in Middle GA. Raw honey, no matter where it is sourced (in our humble opinion) tastes better and is better for you than the pasteurized, filtered alternative. 

Please remember when buying raw, unfiltered honey that it should NEVER be given to children under one year of age due to a risk of botulism. 

What is raw unfiltered honey?

Q: What is Raw unfiltered honey?

A: Most honey farmers sell raw honey but what is it? "Raw" or "unfiltered" means that the honey is not heated and the straining screens used are larger than 200 micron. This simplified process removes any impurities from the honey but leaves behind the natural enzymes and pollen molecules which are destroyed in many of the commercial pasteurization process. The end result is a purer tasting honey with many of the sought after health benefits of honey straight from the hive. Raw honey also retains the flavors of the flowers the pollen was harvested from. 

What is artisanal honey?

Q: What is Artisanal honey?

A: Artisanal is a blend of different pollen sources. Honey Badger Apiaries does not place our colonies on fields of trees or flowers so ours is a unique blend of what is in bloom at the time of harvest, as a result, our honey changes flavors depending on the season.

Q: Do you offer Apiary Tours?

A: We do not currently offer apiary tours as much of the farm is being renovated. We are hoping to have all updates completed by the end of this year. Keep an eye out for Apiary tours coming soon. In the meantime all of our customers are still encouraged to come to our farm for free samples and to try our best selling honey straws.

Do you offer apiary tours?

Q: How far will bees chase me?

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Coming in 2024

Apiary Tours

Come out and see our new honey room, watch as we harvest and process our great tasting honey, or put on a suit (if you're feeling brave) and come meet the hard working girls who literally give their lives so we can enjoy the sweet fruit of their labors.


Apprenticeship Program

Do you have a passion for honey and pollinators? Do you want to start your own backyard apiary but not sure if its for you? Then our Apprenticeship may be for you. As an apprentice you will live the life of a beekeeper as you attend bi-weekly classes, and get hands on, one-on-one training as you raise your own colony from package to fully formed hive. Through our free program you will receive all the tools and equipment you will need to raise the bees you will be provided. Sound interesting? New information as well as announcements for sign up coming soon.

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